Being Koi

"Memory like a Goldfish" available on RedBubble
I'm going through a phase where I want pretty new things to wear. I can't tell you exactly what I want, but I can tell you that it's nowhere to be found (I've looked). I decided I just need to design my own clothes- then I remembered I have no idea how to do that. Thankfully, we're living in the future and print-on-demand is a thing.

Last night I came across an unremarkable crayon drawing I'd done of sunlight on the water. I thought a few fish swimming around would greatly improve the aesthetic and was inspired to open a new Photoshop canvas and start working. I've always found watching fish swim around to be incredibly relaxing.  It turns out painting goldfish is pretty relaxing, too. I recommend it for a low-key Friday night.

I ended up abandoning the crayon motif in the finished project, but I love the way it came out. It would look great on a scarf or a dress or a phone case or a tote bag. I uploaded it to my RedBubble account and it does look rather sharp. I am excited to finally have something to offer in my RedBubble portfolio. You can check it out here.

I resolved that my new Friday night tradition should be to take a break from comics and make something different. Maybe something for the ol' RedBubble store or maybe a painting or a crayon masterpiece. Even if I never get around to updating my wardrobe at least I will be surrounded by pretty new things.

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