Low-tech creating
Aurora Ridge was planned as my first digital project.  So naturally, my tablet would decide that it needed a little vacation before I got to the end. Ever one to flirt with a deadline, there wasn't much more than a page in the can.

As precious minutes ticked away, I wrestled with the two obvious choices:
1) buy a new machine
2) get the original one fixed.

I contacted the manufacturer, confirmed that the warranty had expired, and asked if they even thought the tablet could be repaired. I shopped around on-line for a new one.  I fretted over the time I was spending not working on comics. My abandoned coffee got cold.  It was tragic.

While I was dealing with all of this, the part of my brain that actually makes the comics was hard at work developing a third option.  By the time I began to pay attention to what was going on, the solution was fully formed.  It was simple, elegant, interesting, and fit flawlessly into the narrative.  In a word, it was perfect.

Starting next Monday, September 4th, Aurora Ridge will be taking a slight detour while its author sorts out this little equipment malfunction.

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